RCOMG ST-40 BF 40KG Servo
RCOMG ST-40 BF 40KG Servo

RCOMG ST-40 BF 40KG Servo

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RC OMG ST-40CF 40KG 79g Servo. This servo is a standard size servo. Made of all CNC Metal case. Servo is adapted from RC Cars and is waterproof, fast and strong enough for larger airplanes, and turbine jets. Also good for landing gear steering applications on larger landing gear. Lightweight, strong, and high torque. Very fast operating speed! HV Capable. Fully digital, can be programmed with optional USB cable (not included). 

  • Torque: 36.0 kg-cm/ .083sec - 6.0 Volts
  • Torque: 38.0 kg-cm/ .078sec - 7.4Volts
  • Torque: 40.0 kg-cm/ .065 sec - 8.4 Volts
  • Voltage: 6.0-8.4 Volts
  • Weight: 79 Grams
  • Construction: brushless motor, Stainless metal gearing, all metal CNC case.
  • Operating temperature: -20c - +60c
  • Frequency: 330hz
  • Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 38 mm
  • 25T gear / 5.9 spline size

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