About Us

Novajets was created to support local hobbyist's in the Midwest area, the latest modern products and parts support for foam and composite turbine RC aircraft. We believe that parts support and technical representative is the most important, with many customers needing parts within days, not months. With this in mind, we have built a solid relationship with the manufacturer and established logistic channels to provide our customers with the parts support that they require. 

We have been in the aerospace industry for 15 years. Having experience with operating and maintaining several manufacturers turbine engines on full scale aircraft. Additionally, we have been active in the hobby for over 15 years as well, with our roots into the hobby tracing back further. We have had experience with HSD and Swiwin products from their inception and have always been impressed with product improvements and technological ideas they bring into modeling. We want to continue to help bring some great products to the market and meet the needs of our customers.