AF Model J-5/ Mig-17 -PNP/ARF  (Turbine Ready)
AF Model J-5/ Mig-17 -PNP/ARF  (Turbine Ready)
AF Model J-5/ Mig-17 -PNP/ARF  (Turbine Ready)
AF Model J-5/ Mig-17 -PNP/ARF  (Turbine Ready)

AF Model J-5/ Mig-17 -PNP/ARF (Turbine Ready)

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This Air-Fly Model J-5/ MiG-17 is scale model of the former PLAAF Shenyang J-5 jet. Beautifully painted and decaled in a PLAAF scheme.  Features of this model include:

  • Reinforced carbon wing spar design with internal ribs
  • electronic pin-style wing connectors
  • molded plywood equipment tray for clean electronic installation
  • Scale CNC hydraulic dampened servoless retractable landing gear
  • LED lights 
  • Working flaps, and speed brakes
  • Dual input 7.4v electrical system (2s Lipo)
  • 120cc Anti-bubble UAT
  • Molded Plastic (ABS) sequenced landing gear doors


 This is a fantastic performing aircraft. It is capable of fast flight, scale photo passes,  and scale aerobatic maneuvers. We recommend flying this aircraft with an 45n turbine engine. This aircraft was tested with by us with an 4.5kg (45N) Kingtech engine. 

This model can be purchased as a Turbine Ready-ARF . Turbine ready ARF will require your turbine engine, associated engine accessories, receiver, and batteries.  We recommend 1x 2s 2200 flight battery with an associated 3s 2600 ECU battery in the nose. Your battery size may vary with optional accessories installed. 


We offer spare parts support for this aircraft. Please email us for any spare parts requests. 

This model currently ships free from our USA location. Please allow for up to 3-5 days handling and 7-10 business days for delivery. 


Wingspan 1420mm
Length  1200mm
Flying Weight 5kg-12bs
Servos 6x9g ,7x17g Servos Metal Gear HV
Retract System Servoless CNC metal retracts
Main Fuel Tank 1400cc
Header Fuel Tank/UAT 120cc
Recommended Turbine Engine 3-6kg (30-60n)


Product is same as Aerofoam, Avios, AF model.